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Cyterrace Logistics Service’s ‘One Stop Logistic Service’ is a one-stop (best, shortest, and cheapest) delivery service from our designated yard where we receive your shipment to the destination port. All you have to do is bring your shipment to our designated yard. We handle everything from troublesome customs clearance and export procedures to container booking, land transportation arrangements, vehicle management at the loading yard, and container vanning. In the export of vehicles and parts, we use our many years of experience to arrange the most appropriate means of transportation and deliver them to the desired port in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost. Our network service covers all over Japan and the world. We value the wishes and intentions of our customers and ensure delivery to our customers across the sea.

We take care of everything on your behalf

Cyterrace can help in these types of situations.

Our one-stop service will save you money and time.

  • 1Companies that export vehicles and parts to Southeast Asia and the Middle East and are looking to reduce costs車アイコン
  • 2Companies that are concerned about exporting overseas due to difficulties in arranging containers船アイコン
  • 3Companies and buyers who have overseas customers but are concerned about exporting methods地球アイコン
  • 4Companies looking for a logistics partner虫眼鏡アイコン
  • 5Companies and businesspersons who want to start business with overseas customers地域アイコン
Cyterrace Co., Ltd.

Origin of the Company Name

The “Cy” in Cyterrace indicates the direction of the group, such as regeneration and recycling, and “Terrace” is a single kanji character from Amaterasu that brings to mind the sun to display our desire to be a bright light for our business partners and customers, as shining a light or lighting the way.



We provide the most suitable logistics services for our customers’ business conditions and projects.
Our Full Export Agency Service handles all arrangements from vehicle management to shipping, and our Export Arrangement Agency Service brings containers to the customer’s yard, and both services have been well-received in particular. We also handle other types of merchandise aside from vehicles, so please feel free to contact us for more information.


Full Export Agency Service

All you have to do is bring your shipment to our yard. We will make your delivery to the designated port with our integrated service.

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Export Arrangement Agency Service

We take care of all the trade procedures, such as ship booking, insurance, and departure procedures for the important cargoes that have been packed in containers by you and deliver them safely to your designated port.

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